Our Motto

Motto Jan 22, 2023

Unity & Charity

Unity: Christ Himself taught about the need in His Church for "all to be one, as you, Father and I are one."  Although it may seem an unreachable goal for an organization that incorporates women from throughout the Americas, the success of the Catholic Daughters in forming a bond of unity, speaks of the reality of the presence of the Holy Spirit, in all his seven gifts.  That is what makes it possible for Catholic Daughters to form a bond while appreciating each member's individual gifts and talents.

Charity is a virtue that Catholic Daughters aspire to possess personally as well as to exercise that virtue through each court's local projects and those on a national level.  The Scriptural basis for exercise of this virtue is the words of Christ Himself who said of all virtue, "The greatest of these (virtues) is love."


Jeri Mestayer

Catholic Daughter Member since 2011 I have been a CDA Treasurer, CDA Recording Secretary, and CDA Vice Regent. I create the newsletters, edit the Facebook page, and edit the website.