CDA meeting 4/10/2023

CDA Meeting Apr 10, 2023

Below is a rundown of our March 13, 2023, CDA meeting.

  • Installation of a new member, Sandra Viator.
  • Refreshments were provided by Mrs. Sarah
  • Correspondence was passed around.  Mrs. Denise Girourd's card and CDA Convention Donation letter.
  • Prayer petitions page was updated.
  • No rosaries were said since our last meeting.
  • The Pro-Life rosary was completed on April 1.  CDA members that attended: Mary Reaux, Bonnie Viator, Regent Paula Foret, Janie Smith, Fay Ferry, and Kathy Cox.  Next month we need to add some plants to the planter.
  • Empathy report: 3 Birthday cards and 4 thank you cards
  • Spirituality: Mrs. Kathy Cox read an Easter prayer.  Mrs. Kathy also presented a prayer blanket.  Mrs. Kathy requested that the prayer blanket be given to someone in this room.  Sandra Viator was gifted the prayer blanket.
  • Plastic bag discussion due to our CDA fundraiser.  A motion was made by Denise Girourd and Betty Rogers.  A unanimous vote was cast for purchasing the bags.  Jeri Mestayer purchased 1000 bags for $35.

  • Old Business:
  • St. Joseph's Altar was beautiful. A motion was made by Kathy Cox and Rosa Maynard to donate money from the St. Joseph Altar to the Iberia Homeless Shelter. The Court had a unanimous vote.
  • The 2nd Annual Young Ladies Day a Discernment Retreat. A donation request was sent via phone.  Unanimous vote to send $100.

  • New Business:
  • Semi-annual financial review is scheduled for Monday, April 17 at 6 p.m.
  • State CDA Convention Philanthropy: A motion was made by Mary Reaux and Rosa Maynard to donate $50; Unanimous vote.
  • State CDA Convention: May 4-6
  • Angel of Charity form: Our Court reported a total of $5,489 towards charitable donations/etc.
  • Debt reduction amount: A motion was made by Mary Reaux and Kathy Cox to make a donation of $1000 to OLPH; Unanimous vote.
  • Activities for April: Shelly Hollier - KC's are doing the National Guard Family Day on April 23; Requesting that our court do donations again. Get donations there for 10 a.m. (National Guard on Parkview).

We would love for you to attend our next meeting.

Our next CDA meeting will be held on Monday, May 8th, 2023, at 5:30 p.m. Our meeting location is the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish Life Center, 1303 St. Jude Avenue in New Iberia, LA.


Jeri Mestayer

Catholic Daughter Member since 2011 I have been a CDA Treasurer, CDA Recording Secretary, and CDA Vice Regent. I create the newsletters, edit the Facebook page, and edit the website.